February 2014 URAC Meeting

There was a good showing last night for dinner at the Think Cafe, which was followed at 7:30 PM by the URAC Monthly Club Meeting. Our guest speaker, URAC’s own David Ziskin AG6E, presented a very interesting program on Marine Radio. We learned of differant radios commercial ships and private vessels carry, how the various frequencies are meant to be used, and of some important channels that ships may or may not monitor depending upon their circumstances. He talked on the specifics of, and reasons for using, proper phonetics on the air. He also spoke of maximum VHF communication distances, the difference between line of sight and radio horizon, and provided the formula for determining that horizon limit (Horizon-in-miles = square root of [2 x antennae height-in-feet]). Sea Stories from his personal experiences brought the information to life, and rounded up a great program! Thank you, David, for a most enjoyable evening.