Licensing Exams

Amateur and Commercial exam sessions are available by appointment only: If no examinee signs up, no examiners will either. If you schedule an exam but cannot make it, please notify the exam team as early as possible; your consideration for the volunteers is appreciated.


Los Angeles Maritime Museum
Berth 84, Foot of 6th St
San Pedro, CA

Flexibility: If you’re ready to take an exam but can’t make the regular exam dates, please contact us with your availability. We will try to accommodate you.

Contact: To schedule an exam or for further information, please email us here.

Free Practice Exams:

Printable Amateur Application Form 605: select here (This is optional, not required. Use if you wish to bring completed form.) Please use buff or ivory colored paper. Complete form on computer prior to printing.


  • Amateur: $14. Applicants may take as many exam elements as they can successfully pass for the one fee. Another fee is charged to retake a failed examination.
  • Commercial: $50 per sitting for the first 2 elements taken + $25 for each additional element.