Technician Exam Study Material

·    Technician Class Study Guide

·    FCC Exam Questions (with only the correct answers)

·    FCC Exam Pool (with all possible answers)

General Exam Study Material

·    General Class Study Guide

·    FCC Exam Pool (with all possible answers) (does not include schematic, see next link)

·    Element 3 Schematic (for exam)m

Extra Exam Study Material

·    Extra Class Study

Online Practice Exams

·    Copasetic Flows Exam Practice (Link under US flag. Log-in. Tracks progress.)
·    QRZ’s Practice Amateur Radio Exams

·    AA9PW FCC Exam Practice

· Ham Exams

Commercial Exam Prep

MP – Element 1                 (Marine Radio Operator Permit)

PG – Elements 1 & 3         (General Radiotelephone Operator License)

DO – Elements 1 & 7         (GMDSS Radio Operator’s License)

DM – Elements 1, 3 & 9     (GMDSS Radio Maintainer’s License)

DB – Elements 1, 3, 7 & 9 (GMDSS Radio Operator/Maintainer License)

·    Element 1 (MROP – MP)

·    Element 3 (GROL – PG)

·    Element 8 (Ship Radar Endorsement for PG, DM, DB, T1 or T2)

·    Element 7 (GMDSS Radio Operator – DO)

·    Element 9 (GMDSS Radio Maintainer – DM)

T3 – Elements 1 & 5 / Telegraphy elements 1 & 2          (Third Class Radiotelegraph Operator’s Certificate)

T2 – Elements 1, 5 & 6 / Telegraphy elements 1 & 2      (Second Class Radiotelegraph Operator’s Certificate)

T1 – Elements 1, 5 & 6 / Telegraphy elements 3 & 4      (First Class Radiotelegraph Operator’s Certificate)

Note: Unique to the T1 is a requirement to have one year of experience in sending and receiving public correspondence by radiotelegraph at a public coast station, a ship station, or both.

CW Links

The Art & Skill of Radio Telegraphy

Select Adobe PDF File (948kb) to download this book

Learn CW Online

Use this free program to learn, to increase, and to test your CW copy skills.

Morse Code Practice

Select the speed, then your choice of characters (letters, numbers, punctuation), news headlines, or practice qso.

Who invented Morse Code?

Remember the trivia question “Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?”  This answer to this question may surprise you.

Zen and the Art Of RadioTelegraphy

Abbreviations for RadioTelegraphy

Resources for studying electronics

All About Circuits
A full reference site for studying electronics.  Goes beyond the minimum requirements to pass the FCC exams.
DC, AC, Semiconductors, Digital, Reference, Experiments, Work Sheets, Videos Electronics Tutorials
    The purpose of this site is to give students and beginners alike studying Electronics, good Basic Electronics Tutorials and information to help develop a knowledge and understanding of the subject of Electronics., simulate, and share schematics
    CircuitLab lets you rapidly test circuit ideas before breadboarding. And when we host your circuit, we provide you with a convenient image and link that you can use to share your circuit on online forums or your own website, so you can contribute to or get help from the hobbyist community.