Field Day

URAC’s 2022 Annual Field Day event … since it’s inception in 1933, United Radio Amateur Club has participated in every Field Day, even if only remote operation. It is the most popular (and most fun) Amateur Radio “on the air event” of the year.

Location, this year, is where YOU are!

This year’s 24-hour ARRL Field Day (June 25-26) will mostly be from home stations due to COVID-19.

Two ARRL temporary rule changes makes FD 2022 more exciting for all:

First, Field Day 2022 class 1-D stations (single-operator home stations using commercial mains AC power) will receive point credit from contacts with other 1D stations.

This year’s temporary rules allow hams without generators, solar-charge battery banks, or the like to participate more fully from their home.

Also for this year’s Field Day the ARRL will calculate aggregated “club” scores. When you send in your personal score results (see Field Day rules and temporary rule waivers) you can add United Radio Amateur Club as the club to which you wish to add your scores! Per the ARRL, in order for results to be tabulated correctly, all club participants must enter the club’s official name exactly the same, avoiding abbreviations or acronyms. This is important!

Submit your scores here.

Have a good time on Field Day.

Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday

Saturday 25 June 2022 11:00 PDT – 24-hour operation commences;
Sunday 26 June 2022 10:59 PDT – 2020 Field Day operation ends.

Please see the ARRL site: