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URAC Field Day 2015

There was a good showing of URAC members for this year’s FD. With only two stations in operation, one Phone and one CW, our Class was 2A. The weather was nice, but a storm threatened and it was a bit humid. Total score still to be counted, but a good time was had by all.




K6AA Field Day 2014 Results

Call Used: K6AA     GOTA Station Call: K6ZNL     ARRL/RAC Section: LAX     Class: 2A

Participants: 30     Club/Group Name: “URAC” United Radio Amateur Club

Power Source(s): Generator

Power Multiplier: 2X

Bonus Points:
100% Emergency power          200
Media Publicity               100
Set-up in Public Place        100
Information Booth             100
NTS message to ARRL SM/SEC    100
W1AW Field Day Message        100
Satellite QSO completed       100
Youth participation            40
Youth operators=2
Youth participants=2
GOTA Bonus                      0
Submitted via the Web          50
Total Bonus Points               890

Score Summary:
CW   Digital  Phone  Total
Total QSOs    1332     0      150
Total Points  2664     0      150    2814   Claimed Score = 5,628

Submitted by:
Jim Jerzycke, KQ6EA

Field Day 2014

The group was a little smaller this year, but URAC’s Field Day 2014 ran smoothly as 2A having a single phone HF run by Band Captain Ivan KB6ATT and the usual CW run by Steve K6NT and Ray N6HE. Satellite Comm was again run by Jim KQ6EA, who made the majority of contacts on Sunday when satellite passes were more favorable. From the GOTA Station, run by Scotty K6ZNL, several visitors made their first ever HF contacts. Of the 30 members who participated, all but a few participated either on Phone or CW to make points for K6AA.

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2014 Field Day June 28-29

K6AA will be participating in ARRL Field Day this year at Angels Gate Park in San Pedro.  We will be demonstrating Amateur Radio using only emergency sources of power, using both CW (Morse code) stations and ‘phone’ (voice) stations.  We will also have a ‘Get on the Air” (GOTA) station where new or prospective operators can try out what it feels like to talk to other stations across the area, the nation and the world.  Come visit us … We will be on the air from 11:am Saturday Morning until 11:am Sunday Morning, but the BEST time to visit is between 1 pm and 6 pm on Saturday.  You can get more information about Field Day from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) website at: